Below are some reminders of why we do what we do – and you as an ICT funder allow this to happen. Thank you for that!

  • I was doing interviews as we have an opening in our GED program. One person stated they have been working very hard on the books and self-teaching as they want their GED so badly.  However, they have not had much luck while writing the exams. In the interview they were very emotional and expressed such gratitude that we are offering the program and considering them for the spot. When I asked, “Can you start tomorrow?” they cried. Upon leaving our branch I heard them scream “I got in!!!” outside our doors. This was a great reminder for us to show that we can help to change lives (always moving forward).
  • A couple months ago, I had a young student come into my office and say to me “Because I’ve started school my life has changed for the better. I have purpose and I’m doing something while bettering myself. I left the gang, and my gang members allowed me to do this without a fight. I can’t believe this is my life now.”
  • A student who has been here with us for about a year recently had a baby (she took three weeks off when she had her daughter) and she was to write her GED exam one morning. That morning she called and said her ride, who was also her sitter had just cancelled on her. She was to take her GED Science exam in 15 minutes, and she lives multiple blocks away. I said, “I will see what I can do”. I went to her GED classroom and asked if anyone would mind picking the student up as she is to write her exam. Before I finished my asking, a student was out the door. When they arrived back at LDAS there were two students who met them, each taking a child and the student who was writing their exam ran into the building while the driver went to park. The students brought the children, who were 5 months old and 5 years old, into the building. Two teachers volunteered to watch a child in each of their classrooms. As the baby would cry for milk the students in the classroom took turns rocking and feeding her all while listening to the teacher’s lecture. The school cheered as the student came out from completing her exam with a pass.
  • I had a past graduate come in and tell me that if it wasn’t for the call that he was accepted into our GED program he would have ended his life that day. He had a plan to commit suicide that evening and we interrupted that with an acceptance call. Since then, he moved on to post-secondary and is now making a decent living.
  • Many of our students have once lived a drug addicted life that led them to be hungry, homeless and living on the streets. In October, two students approached me as they wanted to give back and help those who are still struggling. They wrote a grant to feed the homeless with a pancake and sausage breakfast outside our facility. They received a $1000 grant from Sask. Energy and that was the start of their day of giving. They continued with bake sales and a hide the Joker event. In total they raised $1250. They went out and had people bring warm clothes as donations. It was called feed the hungry, clothe the cold event which was held on December 1. That morning they handed out over 200 breakfasts in front of our building. There were tables of warm clothing for those who needed them, and they were almost all gone by the end of the morning. They further made 300 goodie bags which consisted of sweets, fruit and gloves. It was a proud moment for the LDAS staff to see how this idea of two individuals made such an impact in our community.
  • A student we assessed and diagnosed with dyscalculia was at the .5% ile of adults their age in math was determined to pass her GED. She passed 4 subjects (Reading, Writing, Social and Science) on her first try and was left with math. This person would not give up on their education. She wrote and wrote until she finally passed her math on her 6th attempt. To this day, I have never met someone with such determination and perseverance. We are very proud to have her be a graduate with our program.